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Saratoga Elementary Fun Night


Lincoln Parole Volunteers at Saratoga Elementary Fun Night

The Lincoln Parole Office continues to be a partner in the Saratoga Community Advisory Group (CAG).  The CAG consists of various community groups that partner with Saratoga Elementary School in an effort to continue to provide positive community growth and involvement with the students and families of Saratoga Elementary School.  Some of the other community participants of this group include:  Saratoga Elementary teachers and administration; churches; area small businesses, neighborhood residents; and the local High School Student Council Club. 

On May 11, 2018, the CAG sponsored the Annual Saratoga Fun Night.  This event provided an evening of fun, games, and food for Saratoga Elementary students and families at a minimal cost to the families.  Money raised from this event goes back into the school to provide resources for needy families.  CAG members volunteered their time to serve food and run raffles, outdoor games, and other activities for students and their families.  Approximately six parole officers, support staff, and supervisors volunteered at this year’s Fun Night.