Information for Victims

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If you are a victim or survivor and have parole-related questions or concerns, please contact Kelsey with Parole's Victim Services at 402-309-4302 or Parole's Victim Services offers confidential support, provides resource referrals, and will guide survivors through the parole supervision process.

If you are in danger or need immediate assistance, call 911. 

Victim/Witness Notification

There are two ways to receive offender notifications: NDCS Victim/Witness Program and NEVCAP (previously VINE). Both services are voluntary, and you must enroll separately into each program. Types of alerts include release, court return, in-state and outof-state transfer, upcoming parole hearing, Parole revocation, escape, abscond, and death.

The Nebraska Department of Correctional Services (NDCS) offers a notification program for victims and witnesses of crime to receive alerts for incarcerated offenders. To register, visit:

Nebraska Victims of Crime Alert Portal (NEVCAP) provides a text and/or email notification service provided by the Crime Commission for offenders placed in jail and community corrections. To register, visit:

Victim Rights

Survivors have the right to be informed of information, including notice of:

  • Arrest warrants, arrests, detentions, and new criminal charges;
  • Court proceedings, sentencing, community supervision, transfer requests, and release;
  • Hearings held by the Board of Parole, including:
  • Right to testify, submit a written statement, and notice of the Board's decision.

For registered victims, the Board of Parole will send notifications including:

  • Tentative release date and the client's earliest parole eligibility date;
  • Parole hearings or proceedings;
  • When a current parole client is returned to custody because of parole violations or new charges. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I attend a parole hearing?

Yes, hearings are open to the public and anyone can attend. All victims/witnesses who attend parole hearings have an opportunity to give a testimony. Prior to the hearing, Individuals can send a written statement to the Board or submit a comment online. The Board will take written and oral testimonies into consideration when making their decisions.

Do I need to notify anyone of my intentions to attend a Parole Hearing?

You are not required to notify anyone if you wish to attend a hearing. If you plan to testify, we recommend contacting the Board of Parole office in advance at 402-471-2156.

How can I find parole hearing information?

 Hearings are generally held at the institution where the inmate is housed. For date and time of the hearing, you can call the Board of Parole Office at 402-471-2156 or visit:

What occurs at the parole hearing?

The offender will be given a chance to speak with the Board about his or her progress throughout the prison term. If you wish to testify, your testimony will be heard at this time. At the conclusion of the hearing, the Board will decide by majority vote whether to grant parole or if the offender will remain incarcerated.

Will the offender know I am at the hearing?

Yes, the offender will be able to see you; however, the staff will make sure persons from opposition and support are separated. Unwanted contact is not permitted.​

Will I know if the offender has been paroled?

You will know at the close of the hearing what decision has been made. 

Can the Board do anything to keep the offender away from me?

Yes, the Board can impose special conditions that restrict contact while the client is on parole.


To contact the Board of Parole, you may call, send a letter, or send an email to

Nebraska Board of Parole
PO Box 94754
Lincoln, NE 68509



Nebraska Department of Corrections Victim Services

Nebraska Coalition to End Sexual & Domestic Violence

Nebraska Coalition for Victims of Crime
1-800-944-NCVC (6282)

Nebraska Department of Justice Victim/Witness Assistance
Macy Meyer

National Domestic Violence Hotline
1-800-799-SAFE (7233)

NEVCAP (Nebraska Victims of Crime Alert Portal)

Rape, Abuse, Incest National Network
1-800-656-HOPE (4673)

Victim Connect National Hotline