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Events to Benefit Students/Families of Saratoga Elementary

In November and December 2018, the Division of Parole Supervision (DPS)/Lincoln Regional Parole Office (LRO) participated in a number of events that benefited students and families of the Saratoga Elementary School in Lincoln, Nebraska.  The DPS/LRO has been part of a longstanding collaborative community partnership working with Saratoga Elementary School and the Saratoga Community Action Group.  Our Agency continues to partner with this group to provide community/neighborhood support for the Saratoga Neighborhood as well as support for students and families of Saratoga Elementary School that are in need.

Below is a summary of events that DPS participated in since November 2018 that have gone toward benefiting students/families of Saratoga Elementary:

On November 1, 2018, Lincoln Regional Parole Officers and supervisors volunteered at the Annual Saratoga Community Gratitude Pancake Feed held at Saratoga Elementary School.  Parole Officers and supervisors assisted in cooking and serving pancakes to Saratoga Elementary School students, families and Saratoga Neighborhood residents.

In December 2018, DPS/LRO participated in the Saratoga Adopt a Family for the Holidays event.  DPS “adopted” a Saratoga Elementary School family in need.  DPS staff donated money and purchased Christmas gifts for the identified family.

DPS has also continued to be fortunate to be able to partner with the Nebraska Department of Correctional Services (NDCS) in an event that supports Saratoga Elementary School.

On November 27, 2018, NDCS sponsored a Chili feed/cook-off.  All money raised from the chili cook-off was donated to Saratoga Elementary School to go to students/families in need.  Over $300 was raised during the DCS-sponsored event.  This went toward the purchase of hats, mittens, clothes, and gift cards that Saratoga could then provide to their families in need.

Lincoln West Optimist Club’s Generosity Brings Warmth to Many

In December 2018, the Lincoln West Optimist Club (LWOC) in Lincoln donated 50 brand new boys and girls coats in various sizes to the Division of Parole Supervision/Lincoln Regional Parole Office.  These new high quality coats were distributed at no cost to Parole clients in need for their children who could benefit from a new winter coat. 

LWOC is a non-profit youth service organization, which began in 1969 and has about 75 members.  The club is inclusive of college students, active military members, and adults in various stages of their lives.  The organization’s mission is to positively impact the lives of youth.  The organization does this through service and through gifts.  The LWOC provides movie nights for foster families, supports the Friendship Home at Christmas, coaches baseball teams for children with disabilities, supports various scholarship programs, and supports other various sports-related activities.

Through the generosity of the LWOC, many children stayed warm during the winter season.

Awards for Excellence in Leadership

On October 24, 2018, two Board of Parole/Division of Parole Supervision staff were recognized for a 2018 Excellence in Leadership award during a ceremony held in the State Capitol Rotunda.  The Honorable Pete Ricketts presented the awards to Jeffrey Beran, Specialized Parole Officer, and Sally Reinhardt-Stewart, Deputy Compact Administrator. 

Officer Beran was recognized for the great leadership he has shown in the performance of his duties.  He willingly assists others, facilitates groups, and serves as a Field Training Officer for new officers joining Parole.  He is also recognized by the agency for his skills in Effective Practices in Community Supervision (EPICS), an evidence based method of case management.  He demonstrates professionalism in his communication with others, believes in the agency’s mission, and models the vision of the agency.

DCA Reinhardt-Stewart was recognized for her daily work with the Interstate Compact for Adult Offender Supervision, which entails the transfer of clients across state lines.  She was an inaugural member of the Process Action Team initiated by the newly created Center of Operational Excellence.  She has worked to revise processes and move to paperless documentation within the Parole Compact Office. She too was recognized for her professionalism, level of performance, and the manner in which she interacts with the agency’s customers.

Both are congratulated on receiving this recognition.

Parole Bowls in Fundraiser to benefit Susan G. Komen Foundation

Members of the Nebraska Board of Parole and Division of Parole Supervision once again joined together to support the Susan G. Komen Foundation’s bowling fundraiser.  The event was held at Sunset Bowl in York, Nebraska.  Through the efforts of those who participated in the event, a donation in the amount of $8,000 was provided to the Susan G. Komen Foundation to help provide the necessary means to fight the battle against breast cancer.  Parole agency/board staff look forward to participating in this annual event in 2019.


The North Platte Regional Parole Office plays a vital role in the communities it serves in western Nebraska.  In addition to the supervision of parolees in the area, staff of the Parole Office work with the community in other ways.  Diana Hipple, a Senior Parole Officer, assisted in renovating a room at the Oxford House in North Platte this past year.  She has a vast knowledge of this area of Nebraska and when parolees need services, she knows how to get the services to them in a quick and efficient manner.  She has been able to solicit donations from various local businesses to get needed supplies to parolees when they are released on parole to the North Platte area.  She has also worked with local hotel managers when they are redecorating rooms to get furniture at reduced prices or free for apartments or homes for parole clients.  Senior Parole Officer Rochelle Kothe, who recently relocated to this area of the state, has already become involved in the community.  She made Christmas cards for a local organization the North Platte Regional Parole Office partners with which is sending care packages to Veterans overseas.  The staff of the Parole Office are the face of the Division of Parole Supervision within the North Platte area and their commitment to service does not go unnoticed. 


Project Homeless Connect


Parole Officers Participate in Project Homeless Connect

On October 16, 2018, two Parole Officers out of the Lincoln Regional Office were among the over 300 volunteers who helped put together the 10th Annual Homeless Connect Lincoln.  Senior Parole Officer Don Nevins was a navigator as he has been in years past and Specialized Parole Officer Andrea Wever was part of the “Dream Team”, a group of ten experienced navigators that were there to guide new navigators.  This event was in conjunction with Stand Down, the Veterans Administration’s event to assist homeless and near homeless clients in the Lincoln and surrounding areas. 

This event greatly impacts this community in a variety of ways.  Clients are matched up with services and service providers who can assist in ever expanding ways.  Legal services were on site to help clear misdemeanor warrants, deal with child support issues, and advise in legal matters.  There were reentry services, housing services, utility services, substance abuse providers, early childhood intervention, and many others.  At this event over 1,000 meals were served, 60 companion animals received essential care and grooming, 98 immunizations, 47 people received foot care, 85 dental screenings, 57 vision screenings, 74 people utilized the job search area, 190 haircuts, 16 bikes were repaired, numerous bike locks were given out, and 100’s of people were given clothing, blankets, and toiletries.  A whopping 576 people in this community were served on that day.

This event continues to grow every year.  Many of these clients are also clients of parole and previously incarcerated individuals.  It is a great aid to be able to get all these groups and services in one easily accessible location.  Service providers were wonderful to work with and if they could not help a client they often knew another provider who could.  The Lincoln Homeless Commission was able to celebrate at this year’s event that Lincoln had reached Virtual Zero on veteran homelessness.  This is due in part to all the hard work at this event and others for which they assist. Furthermore, Serve Nebraska recognized the volunteer group as a finalist for demonstrating leadership, innovation, and hard work in service to others in the State of Nebraska.