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Orlando Neal Story

Don't Let the Events of the Past Define Your Future........

Several months ago the Nebraska Correctional Youth Facility (NCYF) hosted what the facility referred to as the NCYF Summer Event.  It was during this event that a parole client, Orlando Neal, was one of the featured speakers. He shared his personal story with the audience, youthful offenders currently serving a sentence with the Nebraska Department of Correctional Services.  In fact, he was at one point during his incarceration an offender at this facility.  His message was one of hope and of not letting the events of the past define their futures.  One of our Nebraska Parole Board members attended this event. Not only was he impressed by the parole clients's accomplishments but also his aspirations and his desire to help the youthful offenders present to realize that they have the ability to change the direction of their lives - it's up to them.  In speaking with Mr. Neal afterward, the Board member shared that he spoke highly of his Parole Officer.  We do not always hear about the positive impact a Parole Officer has made in the life of a parole client so we want to take this opportunity to recognize not only this parole client's Parole Officer Vicki Austin, but all our Parole Officers for their commitment to the clients we serve.  We also want to wish Mr. Neal much success as he continues to work toward his goals for the future.  He is not letting the events of his past define his future. 

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Weather Notice - 2/24/2017

The Board is monitoring the weather and will update this information if cancellations are required at NCCW for 2/24/2017.  

In the event of cancellations, NCCW proceedings will be held on Monday, 2/27/2017 at 8:00 am.  OCC proceedings scheduled for 2/27/2017 will then start at 11:30 am.

The public hearing calendar will be updated accordingly.

July/August 2016

Our Parole Administrator and Deputy Parole Administrator spent some time traveling across the State, the end of the July to get an overview of the various region offices. The goal of this trip was to visit the regional offices to see if there were any important concerns and needs for these areas across the State. Time was spent meeting with staff and potential interested parties to collaborate and develop ideas to aid in providing additional services and programming to help clients in these areas and to work within the communities.

During July it was also Parole Officer Appreciation Week. It was an important week to help recognize the importance of our Parole Officers in remembering how the work that they do is appreciated.