Nebraska Parole Educates Students in WNCC’s Criminal Justice Class

On October 12, 2023, at the invitation of Instructor Judy Amoo, Specialized Parole Officer AJ Trook gave an overview of the mission and duties of Nebraska Parole to the Western Nebraska Community College’s Criminal Justice class.  The presentation was a mixed media event with a lecture supported by PowerPoint slides and handouts, followed by a question-and-answer session.  Twenty-one students attended with backgrounds ranging from a family history in law enforcement to general interest and personal experiences.  Students wanted to know how Parole works, how it is different than Probation, how decisions are made, and at what level.  SPO Trook emphasized the duality of Parole’s mission – to ensure the safety of the community and to encourage successful reintegration of the clients into that same community.  The class was very engaged and time ran out before all questions could be answered.  SPO Trook left several business cards to provide the students with easy access for further inquiries.  Several students also expressed interest in the internship program offered by the Division of Parole Supervision.  It is anticipated a presentation from Parole to the WNCC Criminal Justice class will become a yearly event, giving Parole the opportunity to educate the community and promote the agency.