Collaborative work between the Nebraska Board of Parole and the Center for Operational Excellence

Habib Olomi from the Nebraska Department of Administrative Services Center of Operations Excellence recently spoke at the Nebraska Board of Parole Board meeting.  His report provides some interesting details regarding the Process Improvement for Nebraska Board of Parole and Parole Supervision. Mr. Olomi reported that forty percentage of his work is based with the Board of Parole and Parole Supervision and the remainder of his time is shared by two other Nebraska State Agencies.

Projects for 2018 were selected, undertaken and completed. Mr. Olomi’s responsibility is to implement positive change and improve the processes of the agency. Positive connections with agencies have been developed. 

One of the 2018 goals was to train everyone at Board of Parole and Parole Supervision in the Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt, a current statewide initiative program.  This program is progressing well and other goals, such as the Lean Sig Sigma Executive Green Belt and the Certified Lean Leader is moving forward as well.

There are two 2019 goals with intent to complete three Lean Six Sigma projects and to have the entire Board of Parole and Parole Supervision involved with QDIP Boards and Huddles.  Habib will continue to work with the agency on Huddles, Yellow Belt Training, and overall savings on time and budget.

Mr. Olomi stated that he was proud of this agencies’ accomplishments and looks forward to continued work in the coming year. 

A question was presented during the Board Meeting as to how our agency was doing statewide in comparison to other State Agencies.  The response was that of the 26 Process Improvement Coordinators, Mr. Olomi was one of many that achieved their entire 2018 goals. The credit goes to the agency Sponsors (2), Project Teams (3), Project Owners (3), and the support of the Center of Operation Excellence.

Agency wise, Mr. Olomi felt Parole is ahead of the curve. The reports on the progress regarding soft savings and goals are shared to Center of Operation Excellence and they will pass this information to the Governor’s office.