UPDATE: Nebraska Restrictions regarding Interstate Adult Offenders

Nebraska Limited Restrictions Continue

Effective Date: 5-1-2020

Adopting Authority: Nebraska Board of Parole

Operations Affected: Management of transportation for returns, face-to-face meetings, leisure travel


Limited restrictions for Nebraska Parole will continue until 5-15-2020 unless otherwise indicated below:

The Nebraska Division of Parole Supervision continues to operate in a telecommuting status until further notice.  Face-to-face meetings with clients are approved for meeting remotely utilizing technology platforms that can accommodate such face-to-face meetings.  The Compact Office remains operational on a remote basis. 

Transfer Requests, both mandatory and discretionary, submitted by other states will be investigated; however, home visits are limited.  The Nebraska Parole Compact Office will submit Transfer Requests, both mandatory and discretionary, to other states for investigation with the understanding there may be delays in responses depending on restrictions in place by the Receiving States.  Requests for Reporting Instructions for an offender to return to Nebraska will be processed according to Compact Rules.  Requests for Reporting Instructions for an offender to return to the Sending State will be processed in accordance with any restrictions imposed by the Sending State, collaborating and communicating as necessary.  Expedited Requests for Reporting Instructions received from other states will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

Management of transportation for returns is being addressed on a case-by-case basis.  This affects the operations of the Nebraska Department of Correctional Services Special Services Unit whose responsibility it is to provide transport for the Division of Parole Supervision within the Nebraska Board of Parole Agency as it pertains to retaking of Nebraska clients from other states under the Interstate Compact.  Alternatives to retaking of both outgoing and incoming Compact offenders will be addressed cooperatively with the affected states on a case-by-case basis taking into consideration the safety of staff, offenders, and the public.

Nebraska continues to restrict leisure travel to and from Nebraska.  Emergency and employment travel permits are allowed.  Nebraska offenders accepted for transfer to another state require review of any restrictions in place by the Receiving State prior to being paroled to the approved residence plan.  This is to ensure there are no restrictions that would prevent the offender from proceeding to the Receiving State.  Offenders who have been approved to have parole transferred to Nebraska or for whom expedited reporting instructions have been approved are allowed to proceed to Nebraska for supervision.  However, upon arrival offenders are urged to self-quarantine for 14 days.  

Contact Information:

For further questions, contact Sally Reinhardt-Stewart, Deputy Compact Administrator, at 402-479-5768 or via e-mail sally.reinhardt-stewart@nebraska.gov.