Parole Supervisors Graduate from State Government’s Leadership Program

The Division of Parole Supervision saw two of its supervisors recently earn the Nebraska State Government Leadership Certificate.  On April 27, 2023, Supervisors Mikki Kirkpatrick (Lincoln) and Tracy Felker (Northwest) were awarded certificates after successfully completing a year-long curriculum – 72 hours of specialized training that included coursework in the following:  Effective Communication for Leaders; Hiring Right; Ethics in Government Panel; Personnel Rules and Contracts; Effective Performance Management; Emotional and Social Intelligence; Cultivating Positive Culture; Coaching (Even the Tough Stuff); Leadership and Conflict; Navigating Change for Leaders; Building Team Morale; Competing for Talent with Culture; Planning for Succession; Developing Yourself and Others; and Ken Blanchard's SLII (Situational Leadership).

The leadership program provides enrollees with an extensive training program led by a unique blend of local in-house instructors and noteworthy professionals nationwide.  The training is online, allowing students and instructors to interact over otherwise prohibitive geographic distances.  In addition, the professional network being created will offer numerous opportunities for personal and professional growth for all participants throughout their careers.  Supervisors Felker and Kirkpatrick will undoubtably take their new training and find practical applications to Parole supervision that have the potential to transform the agency.