Parole Represented at UNO SCCJ Scholarship and Awards Luncheon

On March 31, 2023, the University of Nebraska at Omaha held a Scholarship and Awards Luncheon for the School of Criminology and Criminal Justice (SCCJ).  This event honored exemplary students, faculty, and individuals who contribute to the success of SCCJ. 

Parole was represented by Rosalyn Cotton, Chair of the Nebraska Board of Parole, and invited guests.  In attendance with Ms. Cotton were Julie Micek, Hannah Hansen, Sarah Krohn, Nikki Hodges, Oscar Lopez, Cayla Tritle, TylerAnn Zoubek, and Sally Reinhardt-Stewart.  Attendees were able to network with other agencies throughout the criminal justice field in Nebraska.  This event allows students the opportunity to continue their education and further their passion for future employment with these agencies. 

Thank you to UNO and Ms. Cotton for the opportunity to attend this event.