Julie Micek honored at APAI 2023 Conference held in Kansas City

Three members of the Board of Parole Chair Rosalyn Cotton, Member Mark Langan and Member Habib Olomi along with Director Julie Micek and Attorney Nicole Miller recently attended the APAI Conference 2023.

Ms. Micek was nominated by Ms. Rosalyn Cotton for not only her impressive credentials, but also her generosity in sharing her extensive expertise with parole officers, supervisors, community providers and other external partners.  She has spearheaded initiatives to provide staff with new resources and opportunities and is a champion of staff betterment.  She works tirelessly to ensure that community supervision practices are evidence-based and that high-quality services are available to parole clients.  Ms. Micek has been nationally recognized for her development of innovative strategies and leadership in the realm of community supervision and services.  This award is well-deserved.


The Ben Baer Award recognizes an individual who has demonstrated a significant service in the field of parole or community corrections.


  1. Nominee must be a board member, parole agent, examiner, analyst or community corrections professional who not only has performed assigned duties in an outstanding manner, but has made a significant contribution to the parole or community corrections profession at the local, regional or national level.
  2. Nominee must have brought credit or honor to the profession of parole.
  3. Nominee must be nominated by an active member of the APAI.