State of Nebraska


Dr. Jennifer Miller nominated for the Excellence in Leadership Award

Dr. Jennifer Miller was nominated for the Excellence in Leadership Award in recognition of her outstanding leadership and efforts in conducting research that benefits the Nebraska Board of Parole/Parole Supervision and the criminal justice system as a whole.

Dr. Miller is clearly an outstanding professional, mentor, research administrator and colleague. She has worked to advance research related to the criminal justice system. Dr. Miller’s ideas and strategies for developing research projects and engaging other professionals in the field has been extraordinary. She has opened the door for criminal justice professionals to be willing to evaluate and determine if the programs and methods being utilized are working.

Dr. Miller provides presentations, educational seminars and meets with staff to explain and lead discussions related to the research she is conducting. She does this in a way that allows others to understand the purpose,  and also understand the results.

Dr. Miller is a dedicated professional who has demonstrated leadership within the field and within our agency, the Nebraska Board of Parole and Parole Supervision. We acknowledge her as a well deserving colleague and congratulate her in this receiving this prestigious award.